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 4  adhd extreme fatigue Extreme weight loss, no appetite, jittery, extremely productive, I have pots syndrome and it kept me from getting low blood pressures. I fell in love with this drug. Now I'm sitting at the we finally out of a horrid heart rate and of all days thanksgiving, well night of. Anyways I have a heart problem and have battled anorexia for over 20 years so it was very hard to get prescribed I had to beg so I didn't tell my psychiatrist it was screwing with my heart. I only took 20mg yesterday, idk why this happened my heart rate got over 197. I somehow drove myself my 3 and 4 year old and hubby were testing didn't want to disturb them. It may of screwed up my heart this drug I'm not sure it was worth it. Now I need a heart cath and almost passed out on the way here. Thus suckered I really loved this medication too damn it I live this stuff my heart doesn't do not take If you are a cardiac patient or anorexic :) it's nice drug tho just almost sent me into a god awful Rythm I'm forgiving tho :) F 30 3 months
20mg 3 x d
 5  Extreme Fatigue / Depression Slight loss of appetite. A slight headache the second day. Since then, nothing else out of place so far.. I feel naturally rested awake, motivated and my concentration and follow-thru is unbelievable. I don't feel as if I am "high" or on medication at all. F 33 4 days
20 mg

 5  ADHD Dry Mouth; it's honestly great otherwise! F 19 3 weeks
 2  adhd Numb feeling. Weird not myself. Down. Sleep loss - cant fall asleep and/or stay asleep - need 1/2 an Ambien nightly. Blurred vision. Snappy- nervous feeling in stomach. Id rather have the ADHD. This does not naje mr feel well at all. Forgetfull too. F 56 3 months
 2  Hypersomnia Had sleep study done and was diagnosed with Hypersomnia. MSLT showed 1 REM sleep and fell asleep with in 3 minutes. Doctor prescribed me Ritalin 60mg. It worked at first but after a few days I noticed that I was becoming irritable with petty little things and I'm not an irritable person. Also started getting blurred vision. I told my doctor and he cut it back to 40mg. It's been great to keep me awake but when it wears off I feel depressed. This drug really helps with staying alert but I don't like who I am on it. I don't feel like the same person. F 31 9 months

 4  Chronic Fatigue& ADD Some Agitation & Insomnia. Some burn out when pushing the body. I have a very low tolerance to drugs and respond very well to small doses. I was taking only 2.5 to 5 mg of Ritalin for just under 8 weeks. This not only helped my focus and completion of tasks but also my long-term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (40 yrs). With this low of dose, I still felt the crash when I tried to stop just the 2.5 mg. dose (Depression & Fatigue just Yesterday. So I am back today on 1.25 mg/day and will move carefully to 2.5 mg. My maximum dose taken which cause increased side effects mentioned was 6.25mg/day for 3-4 days. I take a lot of supplements and anti-oxidants which could be why I'm getting the results I have. I do believe that this course of Ritalin just may have helped me lower my doses of Thyroid (T4 &T3 from 50/25(T3) to 50/15 Lab confirms good levels with the exception of a suppressed TSH. M 64 7 weeks
1.25 mg 4X D
 1  ADHD Anxiety, zombie like, flat expression, loss of interests, lowered threshold of seizures. F 9 3 weeks
20mg 1X D

 5  hypersomnia/narcolepsy Some appetite loss, weight loss, jitters, sleeplessness (if taken too late) 39 3 years

 1  Add I passed out in class F 15 1 days

 4  I have ADHD It was great I was foucoused all day, got home and cleaned (witch is hard to get me to do), did homework, listened to my mom, remember things I normally wouldnt. But the aftermath of the beautiful day i had. Couldnt go to sleep, muscles hurt, headache, not hungry, dizzy, stomach hurt, dry mouth. Never again. Its not worth the after math. I hope my original two pills a day works, Ugh worst experience ever. F 18 1 days
10mg 7x

 4  ADHD Negative effects: weight gain, muscle aches & acid reflux severe flare up Positive effects: concentration, less irritable, more focus, completing tasks, better sleep, decrease in panic attacks dramatically F 35 6 months
20 mg x 3
 1  Mild ADHD I was misdiagnosed with mild ADHD back in 1997 simply because I was very antsy and couldn't sit still. I was on this for less than 48 hours due to my "very unusual and frightening reaction" as my mother has described it to me. She told me that within 12 hours of me taking my first pill I completely flipped out! I was calmly watching tv when I suddenly started screaming! I threw the remote at the tv, then threw myself on the floor and had a psychotic episode! I was taken off immediately! The next day at school I remember all of my teachers asking me if I was "alright" because I would not stop blinking (ticking) whenever I would speak. *+*I feel as if this is important to note for anyone reading this; around this time I also developed Tourettes Syndrome, a life long condition that causes a symptom called "tics" which are uncontrolable short and repetitive movements/sounds that interfere with motor skills and speech. Tourettes makes the sufferer highly sensitive to their enviournment and to certain foods, which makes tics worse. I have reason to believe that Ritalin caused this seeing as how I ticked while taking this and have never ticked prior. Also note that this drug contains stimulants, so only take this is you have full blown ADHD without the risk of developing Tourettes Syndrome. F 23 2 times

 1  ADHD Not able to eat,feeling sick after eating,being in a fog or haze the best way to explain it. Yes it was calming but like stoners. This was from 7 to age 9. My dosage was moved from 10mg to 15mg to 25 over the two year period. The time taken was move up as well from one time a day to 2 times a day. Do I was able to fight the drugs effects so my dosage was moved up. It is a sedation drug in my opinion but not to help learning for children at all. I would really call this drug calming effects and muscle movement but not anything to do with learning to put a child it a zombie like state dosen't help with learning. Think before putting a child on this drug in other schools or class to help them or make it fun. M 30 2 years
25mg 2X D
 5  ADD Jittery, occasional slight heartburn, racing heartbeat, decreased anxiety, improved sleep, dependence/tolerance... I took this for a month and was very happy. Finally, for once in my life, I could concentrate! Say I was going to do something today and know that it would get done! I also experienced a decrease in anxiety, focus on the present so much that I'd forget the past more easily, and it normalized my sleep pattern. For the first time in my life, I was going to sleep at the same time every night, and it was by midnight, and waking up at the same time every morning. While I was waiting to get my Ritalin, my housemate offered me to try some Adderall IR 10mg. I tried that and ultimately thought it was better than Ritalin with its slight euphoria and less jitters/heartburn. Adderall turned out horribly in long-term, and my psych wanted me on XR, which was even worse than IR (I did XR 30days, then IR 30days). Then psych put me on Concerta when I asked to go back on Ritalin. Fail. I asked to go back on Ritalin again, and my psych starts telling me that if XRs don't work for me, I must not have ADD after all (she's the one who diagnosed me!!!), so she put me on Wellbutrin for depression instead (I told her I wasn't depressed!). Wellbutrin scares the crap outta me, and I just want to get back on Ritalin. Experimentation has now cost me another year of my life wasted. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! F 24 30 days
5 MG 2X D
 4  I myself was diagnosed with ADHD Appetite loss but over time seems to decrease, Upset stomach, the ups and downs/the ritalin roller coaster. All in all it helps tremendously. M 35 6 months
20 mg 6-8

 2  Adult ADHD Must be something wrong with me! I must be about the only one out there that is starving, always hungry and gaining weight on this med. My body is sore and I have headaches. My focus has not improved much and I feel jittery inside. Not sure if this will go away soon. F 41 8 days
20mg 2X D
 5  ADHD Vasoconstriction, loss of appetite Works perfect. Finally I can function without using calendars, multiple lists and reminders. My social anxiety faded away when I finally was able to hold conversations without forgetting what we are talking about every 5 sec. Would be a hard time to chase education and my dreams without. Eating is easy. Just eat inbetween doses. M 22 2 years
10mg 6X D

 5  ADHD/Depression arthralgia (aching joints), possible thinning of hair (not sure about this one. I have noticed that my eyelashes seem thinner and shorter, but I don't know if that can be attributed to Ritalin or something else (I haven't taken my vitamins in about a year, a year in which I worked night shift=very hard on one's body...currently OFF night shift and JUST started taking vitamins again.) I absolutely love Ritalin (aside from the side effects I mentioned). It has done wonders for my focus, motivation, and general ability to get things done. I think that if this medication is used as prescribed (I take it everyday, HOWEVER, if I am not working or otherwise doing something that involves a lot of concentration and/or focus I will take *medication holidays*) it will work beautifully. It should ONLY be prescribed to those of us who REALLY need it. It has improved my quality of life tremendously and I finally, for the most part, feel *normal.* I was on Adderall for two years prior and I feel Ritalin (IMO) is better overall. Adderall made me feel as though I was *on* something and worsened my depression/anxiety once it wore off. With Ritalin, I feel as though my anxiety is actually relieved and my depression is alleviated while on it. So far, so good. F 37 5 months
10mg 2X D
 5  ADHD-PI, Depression Days upon initiation- Mild palpitations and psychogenic uneasiness. The First month(s): Bruxism and disrupted sleep. Over its entirety-- Appetite loss resulting in weight change, and mild stomach discomfort. Conditions-- Life long academia/learning difficulties. At the time misdiagnosed as immaturity, angst or rebellion. Severe agoraphobia. Results-- In combination with an SSRI, Ritalin has changed my existence entirely. The tired cliche; I finally have my life back. I've become more energetic, sociable & enthusiastic; In both my career and personal interests. Negatives-- It's not a miracle pill and has been a continued daily effort. I started grinding my teeth, the "rubber band on the wrist" negative reinforcement trick fixed this. Alarms are needed to keep a schedule for waking, eating and sleeping. If not observed, it's easy to miss meals and throw-off sleep patterns quickly. M 26 5 months
20 MG 1X D

 1  ADHD It turned me into a zombie, all though I don't remember the years (I was quite young) my parents took me off because they noticed changes in my nature and intelligence. ADHD is a fake learning disability created to give talented children this drug. 1. To make money and 2. To stop free-thinkers and supress this new mindset that is awakening in the minds as each generation passes. RITALIN IS STOPPING HUMAN EVOLUTION, sounds quite ridiculous I know, but I guarantee your children will grow up to be more if their skill and hyper-activity is seen as a positive, rather than a mental disorder. Do the research yourself on the effects of ritalin. M 18 2 years

 1  ADHD Thoughts of suicide deprisson unintress in doing anything This crap is evil it helped when i was in middle school and junior high it helped a little but now that im in 9th grade my grades have been slipping im often depressed and it never helps keep me calm when some one starts something its uder hell for me im always tired i never really want to eat ( unless my body tells me go eat some damn food) and i just want to sleep all the time. I feal like a zombie im paranoid ive been haveing thoughts of suiced for a few years but its not my fault its the damn ridlins fault this fucking drug has ruined most of my life i also tend to be hostle and withdrown from my family and the few friends im still in contact with from my old school and even the ones from my current school. Even now if i stop takeing it things will just get fucking worse for me. M 14 10 years
10mg 1X D
 2  ADD I feel constant headaches, dizziness (like sedative effects), low heart rate, increased blood pressure and low sex drive. I am just diagnosed with ADD at 45. Ritalin does not seem to be working for me. I started out on a low dose 10 mg 2 x day for 3 days, then 15 mg x 2 days for the next 3 days. Today is my day 6 in this trial. No improvement and seems like I am having opposite effects. M 45 6 days
30 mg 2X D

 1  My son was diagnosed with ADD He became a zombie. Never smiled. His concentration was better but, he went from happy to nothing. He is now 28 yrs old. He's ALWAYS angry. He has a hard time showing any emotion but the anger. Even when he is happy he acts angry. His temper is extremely short. I wish I had NEVER put him on this. He's been angry ever since he was taken off. It's so hard for him and others around him because of the anger issues and mood swings. I blame the Ritalin because he was never like this before taking it. But, at least he's no longer a zombie as he was when he was on it. F 53 2 years
10 MG 2X D
 4  ADD Loss of appetite which leads into weight loss, I had headaches at first but once you get used to them it goes away, extreme concentration (sometimes I get frustrated when there is too much nose and I want to do my homework) , constantly thirsty, and extreme sweating. This basically saved my life. It was pure torture to just get me to concentrate or do homework after school. Since I have been on Ritalin it has helped me so much and my grades in school immediately increased. F 18 3 years
30 & 10 MG 2X D
 3  Major Depression Fast heartbeat, tolerance, crash after it wears off I read so much about how stimulants like Ritalin could help with anhedonic symptoms of depression (apathy, emotional numbness, lack of drive, inability to feel pleasure, etc.) because of their action with catecholamines (dopamine, norepinepherine, epinepherine). Well, as it turned out, it has been the ONLY med that has had a noticeable effect on my depression out of wellbutrin, effexor, abilify, and desipramine. At first, as I was titrating up I felt absolutely no different. Once I hit 15mg 2x daily I started feeling a small effect. When I hit 20-30mg, I hit the peak of what the drug had to offer, because it started forming a tolerance, and soon, the only effect I felt from the Ritalin was an increased heart rate. When it was working I started notice it working 20 minutes after intake, and then the effect would increase for an hour, peak for 20 minutes, then decrease for an hour, culminating in a crash. I was so disappointed and desperate that I increased the dose again and again on my own still without the initial effects that it had on my mood. I reached 65mg in one dose and my heartbeat hit 190bpm and I had to go to the ER because I was losing consciousness and feeling numb at my extremities. Still, it has been the most effective treatment yet, and maybe if nothing else works I will return to it taking it only once or twice a week. It would give me something to look forward to at least in this blank empty apathetic anhedonic zombielike state. M 20 3 weeks
30mg 2X D

 5  ADD I am so calm. Ritalin is a miracle. but, drowsiness, appetite lose, and if on too high of a dosage, you will feel like a ZOMBIE!! F 14 3 years
30 MG
 1  ADD Caused me to get sezuires at age 16. Which continues on until this day. M 21 8 years
20 MG 1X D

 2  fatigue When I first started taking it I had lots of energy. Now I take it and I nod out plus I could eat a truck load of food. My medications for my degenerative disk disease and 9 neck and back surgeries had left me sleeping up to 20 hrs a day. My Dr. put me on 10 mg. 2x day Ritalin - at first it was great. For the past 2 months, I have no energy no matter if I take 1 or 2 extra a day. I seriously nod right out and fall asleep after I take my medicine. I eat non stop. I'm back to sleeping 20 hours a day. I have read that most Dr.'s don't know what to do about this situation because they haven't heard about it happening. F 53 1 years
10 mg 2X D
 1  Adhd Ritalin made me like a zombie. Terrible headaches. I literally felt drugged!! It did make me very calm and things were easier for me to manage but the negatives definitely outweigh the positives here. F 28 4 days

 4   Tiredness, eye strain as if been reading to long. Taking ritalin for ADD, scattered thoughts, random thinking, inability to maintain steady actvity. This has been reduced since taking and feel better for it, ritalin has also reduced the restless legs feeling i have previously lived with, But I am tired from waking up till going back to bed. It's like I'm always" just finished work tired" not better or worse... M 43 3 months
10 mg 5X D
 5  ADD, OCD, ODD Dry Mouth Really Bad, rotting teeth (falling out), Lack of sleep, Weight loss (which is good for me) Changed my life and I wouldnt be without it, Down side is all the side affects apart from weight loss...after 8 years my mouth is still dry and my teeth are decaying badly! Wasnt Diaganosed till i was 16 as no-one belived i had ADD only my family, In the End went to ADD/ADHD private clinic in Horsham as was diagnosed stright away. Was on My Tablets from 16 - 21 and then i hit a downer in my life, but i have just sorted myself out and am now back on my meds properly...I MEAN THIS IF YOU NEED THESE TABLETS THEN TAKE THEM dont do what i did and mess your self up. I am also on Concerta XL and Clonidine F 24 8 years
30MG x 6 3X D
 5  ADD, Fadigue caused by depression Tolerance and Addiction. But all this can be avoided with a little caution. This drug is PERFECT. When I take it, I get into a machine-like state of mind that I can do things with extreme efficiency. It helps into study, work and even social meetings or internet trollings. It also can help one to stay awake in the night. It also sometimes left myself a little cold and harsh. It's only important to see that it's not a cure. It's a stimulant that give you a rush. It's necessary to take it only when needed. Not only the abuse potential is high, but also de tolerance and addiction also. I recommend to sometimes don't use it to get the brain recover itself to avoid tolerance and addiction. M 21 6 months
10mg 3X D
 3  MS-related fatigue It only helps if I take two at a time so I usually take two in the morning and I'm good to go for most the day. Unfortunately it gives me a major headache that lasts all day, even after the ritalin wears off. Plus I'm spent by the time dinner is done. I could crash at 7 each night, no problem. F 34 1 days

 4  ADHD peaks and lows during the day I was diagnosed with ADD at 32. ER medicines do not work for me. I started out on a low dose 2 x day. Over the course of the last two years my doctor has let me adjust dosage to see what works best. I am currently at 20 mg every 3 hours with an optional 10 mg as needed. I stay within 100 mg daily but i can flex it out. this seems to avoid the hyperfocus and the up/down as it wears off and waiting for it to kick in again. At first I felt crazy for taking it so often but long acting does not work. It has changed my life. I don't think there is a max dose. It depends on the person and their general health. I would rather take what I need to enjoy life rather than just exist even if they determine it will shorten it. Talk with your doctor. Keep a journal. Adjust it in small doses and see what happens. It changed my life so much for the better. F 38 1 years
20mg 4X D
 3  ADHAD Speedy feeling, focused, many bathroom visits, major rebound appitite when it wore off, glassy eyed This worked okay...I read A TON of books while on it! The problem is it made me glassy eyed and I felt stoned and I became paranoid people could tell I was on something. Yes, I WAS on something. An RX. But, still I was on a drug that I could feel. Also, I was on the generic and it seemed to not last more than a few hours and when I crashed, I would eat a lot. It did give me a good morning boost of energy and woke me up. My dr. will keep giving it to me indefinetly, however, I've consulted other drs. and all of them recommended I stop taking it. I switched to Adderall to see if that would be better and I no longer have the glassy-eyed feeling but it also causes the appetite rebound. I end up eating a lot at about 10 pm. F 35 1.5 years
5 2X D

 1  I was ADHD im afema 1 days

 5  Depression, anxiety ADD None M 59 1 months

 5  ADD/ADHD Well, when I was about 5 i was put on ritalin for my adhd. I would always scratch and pick at sores. or even scratch until i MADE sores especially on my scalp. it was just like, if i felt a bump anywhere, i wanted it gone, and i would spend hours scratching. yet, my grades improved so much as well as my behavior. I was taken off of ritalin at about 10th grade. I was put on conserta. everything was still the same but i didn't itch. now, at 20 years old, i still take conserta during the day, but i take 10 mg ritalin as needed to help me with school work in the evenings. and I've been scratching like crazy again. i didn't realize that it may have been the ritalin causing this until just a few hours ago. F 20 15 years
10 1X AN
 5  Narc/dep None F 38 8 months
20mg 2xD

 2  ADD, fatigue Made me a little tired and jittery, nothing terrible the drug just diddnt work for me. it diddnt do much of anything, i in creased my dose and it just made me more jittery M 20 2 weeks
? 2X D
 5  Depression- eating disorder Worked Wonders - Has helped me control my appetite- improves my mood and abilty to function and has given me a new enthusiasm for my life.. There are periods of ups and downs during the day tho' when the dose starts to wear down and I'm sometimes tempted to increase the dose on my own and this concerns me - dont want to be come an abuser. F 50 4 months
10 mg 2X D
 3  add I've always had Problems concentrating and it's always been pretty obvious I have add but my parents didn't want to put me on drugs. I turned 18 and had to make the decision for myself whether or not I should get tested. I haven't and won't because I know I would then be labelled as disabled basically and I really am not... I'm actually a lot smarter than a lot of people around me it's just I can't concentrate. Anywho, long story short I got some Ritalin unprescribed, used it seemed like a miracle I could finally concentrate and it felt amazing. I depended on it to study and do my assignments for a little while. The other day i realized I've been out of touch reality and my personality is changing. My side effects made me wake up from the zombie like addiction Ive been trying to hide. I'm scared. loss of appetite, change of views on a lot, negativity, addictive, feeling invincible, suicidal, psychotic thoughts, increased concentration at a cost. F 18 15 times
10 mg 1X D
 1  ADHD, ADD Depression, Mild Schizophrenia, Tolerance, Paranoia, Seizures, Dehydration (Daily), Dermatosis, MEMORY LOSS (All of these side effects are still present even though i stopped 11 years ago) When I was on Ritalin, I was like a zombie. It's the best way to describe it. Eventually I built up such a tolerance my father was worried that it would adversly effect me and got me on a different drug. I'm trying to spread the word. This drug is BAD. All of my side effect symptoms remain, it's 11 years later. The drug damages the brain in a chemical fashion, your brain does not heal from it. M 28 11 years
30MG 3X D

 1  Bipolar, ADHD Twitching, Involuntary Muscle spasms, Drowsiness, Loss of appetite, Confusion, Blurred Vision I was on Ritalin for two years, and for me, it wasn't worth it. I did not concentrate any better, I believe the only reason I stayed in my seat during class hours was because I was extremely tired after an hour of taking it. I constantly fell asleep on the drug. F 21 2 years
40mg 2X D
 4  ADD CONCERTA lasted too long i couldnt fall asleep at only 1 dose of 18 mg. I take 10 mg when i wake up the 5 mg at noon. i am unwinding by 6 pm and can fall asleep at 10. This drug works but i wouldstill like to be able to accomplish more then i am. My dose may be too low? over all i am impressed- oh I HATED adderall alot! F 44
10 MG 1X D

 1  Add Irratability breathing difficulty blurred vision mood swings etc. I have been on Ritalin for almost 20 years. At first it seemed like a miracle drug but I now see this drug could have destroyed me. I had almost all the side effects. I began abusing it soon after I started taking it. Some nights I would stay up all night (occasionally playing on line backgammon for 12 straight hours) my boyfriend commented that he could see a change in my facial movements. It was incredibly easy to get highest allowable dosage. Granted, I could clean the he'll out of my kitchen, but the cost was way way too high. Wish I never took it. Closets may have been a little messy but my life wouldn't be a disaster. F 44 18 years
20 mg 3X D
 5  ADD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome none ritalin really helped give me breakthrough the fatigue that was crippling me. F 31 6 years
20 3X D
 4  Ritalin headache after second pill, thirst I'm switching to this temporarily so that I can travel in Asia for 2 months. This is legal to carry while my usual Adderall is not. Adderall really was my mircale for depression, I struggled on other meds for several years before finally feeling better. Switching seems to be going ok, I feel maybe a little more "up and down". I plan to go back to Adderall when I return, but for international travel, Ritalin seems to be about the only option. F 30 1 weeks
10 mgs. 2X D

 5  ADDHD Adult I had to write, because I think that anyone who has actually suffered with ADD or related conditions, knows that we are not looking to be addicted to anything. I am so sick of reading about how everyone abuses ritalin. and we are all just a bunch of druggies who just want to feel sorry for ourselves. For almost 50 years I refused to admit to ADD, from the old school, I did not believe there was anything "like that". If I only prayed harder or stopped feeling sorry for myself, it would get better, soon always soon. Until I started taking Ritalin, I was just a mess, that is all I can say. Low self-esteem, always wishing I was dead, never sticking with anything, never having a focus, always feeling like I could not think straight, and feeling guilty because I felt that way, why was I lazy, why didn't I try harder, why do I ruin everything, why am I a failure. After Ritalin, things just don't seem so overwhelming, I feel like a person who can do at least something, I feel 53 1 years
10 1X D

 3  Narcolepsy Irritable and agitated when it wears off, increased heart rate but not to a dangerous level Ritalin helps me stay awake most of the time. But I'm a college student and it tends to wear off when I'm trying to do homework, which is bad because I get both tired and upset/panic-y. The daily ups (when it's working) and downs (when it wears off) are annoying. F 21 3 months
10 MG 2X D

 4  ADHD that was not treated in my childhood im not sure about the side effect but i get some nasty backpain after sleep when i wake up, till i take my med again 10 or 20mg then it goes away, can anyone feedback me whats causing it? Im very satisfied with ritalin, it helps me relax. as an adult im not physically hyper much anymore like in my childhood where i was not treated having ADHD, now it gives me the inner calmess, a stabilized mood it also made me quit drinking alcohol and it wasnt really planned by me it was a little miracle, i just felt i dont need it. Another thing it helped me with is the frustration i carried with me for some years not knowing what my real issue was, some therapists have diagonised me as a depressed, and anxious person, which i knew wasnt really the core bein of my problem since im an open and outgoin person. the worst thing i did personally was putting my hands on benzos(clonazepam), feeling misunderstood i tried to look for every single way to cure myself alone. benzos helped me relax but also got me hooked, im withdrawin again based on my own senses, im now on 1.5mg , i used to be on 6mg a day. Im withdrawing slowly, since i dont find the need to rush it up and end up with a new problem which is common after rehab, the recovery and its black days ive read allover the web, i also bought a book and read about it too. however back to Ritalin or any other adhd med,im most comfortable with the original and dont go for generics and second mades which gave me lots of sideffects. I only have one or two side effects, 1) I dont feel like sleeping, (I have slept long enaugh during my life, thinking about sleep is a waste of time, dont misunderstand me, i konw its one of the most M 25 5 months
20 mg 4X D
 5  adult adhd none. this drug basically saved me...... 30 years ago, I was the typical impulsive adhd kid whom nobody including my loving parents understood......my life was a wreck...luckily after HS, I met a psychiatrist who asked me: "why are you flunking college courses but qualifying to enter the USAF Academy"?...good question, at age 18 I was a disaster...but she convinced me to take Ritalin...fast forward 30 years..I completer several advanced degrees, retired from the USAF reserves as an O6 and flew jets for over 4,000 hours (cheated on the drug tests)...and now at age 56, I have a family, financial security and the "good life"...all because of a few cents of a stimulant (ritalin) per day M 55 30 years
10 4X D
 3  Adult ADHD Extreme nausea (sometimes leading to vomitting), high irritability, anger, depression, fatigue, headaches, loss of sex drive My insurance only makes the generic form of Ritalin (Methylphenidate) affordable to me. I have been struggling with it for the last two years. When on breaks from school I will not take it. The nausea is the worst for me, as well as the feeling of being "stuck inside my head" like a zombie. The irritability, anger, and loss of sex drive are effecting my boyfriend the most, they're not so bad to where I'm getting complaints from work or friends, only when I'm at home. If you are able to take something else, I would. It is a daily battle for me to choose between not accomplishing any tasks due to my ADHD or to literally feel like s**t all day. It makes me feel like an angry, hungover drone all day and then come night, I am not able to relax. I look forward to days where I have no schoolwork so I can feel like myself again/ F 21 2 years
20mg XR 1X D
 4  N/A No hunger , dont want food , Ridiculously good concentration , unable to sleep for up to 6 hours after ingestion , Sex drive reduced significantly Before use , if I wanted to sit down and study for a test , I would procrastinate , eat, brouse web , game tv etc , After use I cant help BUT study , only want to study and not interested in any thing else. M 17 3 days
40mg 1X D

 4  exhaustion from MS feel shaky inside for awhile and legs and arms feel weak Ritalin has helped the extreme exhaustion I was experiencing F 59 2 months
20mg,10mg 1X D

 4  Excessive drowsiness, fatigue mildly irritable at times (I think when it runs its course) This will be different for each person taking it. Due mostly to my background in chemistry and healthcare, I was VERY unenthusiastic about people, certainly children, taking a drug that essentially is a legal "slum" and "overdose waiting to happen" drug, working on the same part of the brain as cocaine. But, like most all medications, it can improve a person's life, sometimes substantially. For me, it has been quite substantial. I don't have time to bore you with the difficulties I have had over the years getting through a day of work without wanting to lock myself in my office and fall asleep on my desk. Or my lack of enthusiasm in life. It works very well for me at 10mg twice a day. It has only been, however, 30 days. Now, it is a dangerous drug as far as addiction goes. I think if people would simply use it as prescribed and do not look for a miracle drug that puts you in a euphoria to fly around in, it's a solid med. Unfortunately, a lot of people are, and do, abuse this drug. If you try it, please use it to help normalize and better your life. If you search for a high, the probabilities are that you will only damage your life and your health. Also, know that everybody has different chemistry (called biochemical individuality), so no chemical agent, or drug, will work the same for everyone. M 38 30 days
10mg 2X D

 4  Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue/MPS Enlargening of eyes followed by extreme STARING, bowel stimulant, increased heart rate The staring thing is funny. I have big eyes as it is and this just makes that worse. It helps with the chronic fatigue. It makes me very personable. I have mixed it with coffee (caffeine) and the two of them together really get me going- cleaning the house, doing the laundry, etc. Though I like this drug, I do not like the wear-off effect. I will go right to sleep. If I don't remember to take this drug, I will go to sleep and not wake up for several days. It has gotten to the point where family members check to see that I am still alive. It is a god send when taken correctly F 34 45 days
10mg 2X D
 3  ADHD sexual dysfunction, insomnia fantastic medication for concentration and with the added benefit of mood enhancement. Only issue seems to be that my sex drive is somewhat dampened while taking ritalin and oftentimes erections are difficult to achieve. I should mention that I am in the process of adjusting other meds so this issue may not be entirely attributable to ritalin alone. M 35 6 weeks
10 3X D

 5  ADHD Relaxed and at ease. I don't blurt out things as I did before Ritalin. Everything feels "Normal" now and I actually do what I have planned for every day. I take the Watson generic and experience a smooth up and a smooth down. Avoid the Methylin generic...it's like a rollercoaster. M 23 2 months
5mg 3X D

 4  ADD Anger/irritation, dry mouth, thirst, mild depression for short periods off it. Useful anti-depressant side benefits. I used to take the 5MG Ritalin/Methylin 4-hour tabs twice daily. These resulted in a nasty 30 minute angry/irritated state about 6 hours after ingestation as they wore off. I felt really good on them however with lots of willpower and energy. Oh well. I take an odd combo of Ritalin LA and Focalin now to increase work-task focus and decrease the anger when dosages wear off. Less fun but more effective. I was able to stop an embarrassing 30-year finger skin-picking habit on the 5MG Ritalin 4-hour tabs!! Totally unplanned. My new combo with Focalin is a bit less effective for this but I can still resist doing it. I think these have an effective off-label use as anti-depressants. M 41 1 years
10MG 1X D

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